San Mateo County Library Wireless Access FAQs


How do I connect?

  • On your laptop or mobile device, locate the [Your Library Name] Wireless Network to connect.
  • Open a browser. You will be presented with a WiFi User Policy.
  • Accept to continue. You will be redirected to the SMCL website.
  • Decline if you do not wish to connect.
  • For more details instructions look at our guide to connect.

Why do I need to accept the WiFi User Policy?
To confirm the acceptance of the rules and regulations of the San Mateo County Library’s unsecured wireless network.

Do I need to accept the WiFi User Policy every time I connect?
Yes, the policy must be accepted once a day per device to remind users of the rules and regulations.

Why doesn’t my browser show the WiFi User Policy if I’m connected to the wireless?
Sometimes the web browser will cache the user’s home page locally so it won’t attempt to connect to the Internet. To trigger the WiFi User Policy, load a website on your browser that you haven’t been to recently.

Is the WiFi User Policy page compatible with all devices and browsers?
Yes, it has been tested with various devices and browsers.

Is the wireless connection secure?
Unfortunately the wireless network is not secure because it is open to the public and does not require passwords, certificates, or applications to connect. We recommend you not perform any sensitive transactions such as online banking while connected to the library wireless network.

Why won’t my apps work when I’m on the library wireless?
Users must accept the Library’s WiFi User Policy in order to connect their device to the wireless network. Once connected your apps should begin to work.

What speed is the Internet connection?

All libraries are running 1GB.

Will staff be able to assist me?
Staff provide minimal instruction on how to connect to the wireless network.