Public Use Computers and Wireless Access


The San Mateo County Library provides access to computers and the Internet as one means of fulfilling its mission to “provide excellent, innovative library services to our diverse communities.” All resources accessible through the Library are provided equally to all users, with the understanding that it is the individual user’s responsibility to demonstrate good judgment, respect for others, and appropriate conduct while using Library resources and facilities.

The Library does not monitor or filter Internet access for any users. Library computers are in public areas. Privacy screens are available upon request. Please respect others’ rights to read and view. Unless a patron is viewing material that is harmful or obscene, Library staff will not interfere with another patron’s right to privacy.

As with other Library resources and facilities, parents or legal guardians are responsible for their children’s use of the Library’s computers and the Internet. To ensure safe access on the Internet, our Library staff are happy to help you locate more information on the topic.

The Library adheres to the legal standards established in the California Penal Code, Chapter 7.5, Sections 311-312.7, prohibiting the public display of obscene and harmful material. The viewing of obscene and harmful material on a computer screen in a public area, such as the Library, constitutes public display and is therefore prohibited in the Library.

Please report equipment problems to Library staff. It is illegal to physically or electronically modify computer equipment or tamper with hardware or software, as established in the California Penal Code , Section 502 et. Seq.

Materials obtained or copied from the Internet may be subject to copyright laws. US Copyright Law (United States Code Title 17) prohibits the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted materials, except as permitted by the principles of “fair use.” Patrons are responsible for determining legal use of copyrighted materials.

Each patron must use his or her own library card to log in to the computers. Patrons can reserve a computer in advance. No more than two patrons may use a computer at one time. Exceptions may be made based on special circumstances. In order to afford maximum access for all, the Library regulates the amount of time each user has on the computers per day.

The San Mateo County Library offers wireless Internet access in each of our libraries. All rules and regulations listed here apply to wireless computer use.

Library users are expected to abide by this policy. Failure to adhere to these policies and laws can result in loss of library privileges and/or legal action.

If you need more information or have questions about this policy, please contact staff at your local library.

***Approved by the San Mateo County Library’s Governing Board on September 10, 2007***