New Hours at the Pacifica Libraries


Photo of a clock.Why are the Pacifica Libraries open fewer hours now?

Beginning April 13th, 2015, the two libraries located in Pacifica will be open fewer hours. Currently, the Sanchez Library and the Sharp Park Library are open a combined total of seventy-four hours per week, of which sixty hours are funded by San Mateo County Library per the Library JPA Agreement, and the extra fourteen hours were cost-shared and funded in part by the Library and by the City of Pacifica. Due to budget cuts, the City of Pacifica is no longer able to fund the cost-share for additional hours.

How was the new schedule for the Pacifica Libraries created?

In order to minimize the community impact of the reduced hours, the Library conducted a public survey. Customers were asked which days and hours they and their families are most and least likely to use the libraries. The Library received over 700 responses to this survey. In addition to this public input, library usage data and staffing/operational issues were considered, as well as the availability of hours and schedules at nearby libraries. Additionally, the schedule was designed to minimize overlapping service hours between the two libraries.

What are the new hours for the Pacifica Libraries?

The Pacifica Sharp Park Library, located at 104 Hilton Way, will be open:

  • 12-8 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • 10-5 on Thursdays and Saturdays
  • Closed on Mondays and Fridays.

The Pacifica Sanchez Library, located at 1111 Terra Nova Boulevard, will be open:

  • 12-8 on Mondays
  • 10-6 on Wednesdays
  • 10-5 on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Are Library staff being laid off?

Library staff are not being laid off. The Library has been holding several vacant positions open in anticipation of this change in hours.

Are the new hours permanent?

The City is anticipating budget shortfalls in the near future, so restoration of hours is unlikely. The Library will be evaluating the new schedule of open hours in order to provide the best service to the public possible. The San Mateo County Library is committed to serving the community in the available number of hours.

Can the Pacifica Libraries hold more storytimes?

Yes! The Sanchez Library will be hosting a Baby Storytime on Wednesday morning starting May 6. We are also looking at starting a family program on Monday evenings at Sanchez. The Pacifica Library is always looking for ways to improve our programs and services.

Are there still plans for a new library?

The Library is working with the City of Pacifica and the Pacifica Library Foundation towards the goal of building one new library to serve the Pacifica community. More information about this on-going effort is available on our website and through the Pacifica Library Foundation.


Author Bio:

Julie Finklang is the manager of the Pacifica Sanchez and Pacifica Sharp Park Libraries.

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