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Fight With Tools by Flobots (Muscial group)Mix of Hip-Hop and Rock

Flobots is a very political band. I recommend them if you like hip-hop and rock mixed together; if you like music that makes you want to help change the world. Make it a better place. The album Fight With Tools is (I feel) is about freedom and justice. Songs I recommend: "Combat", "The rhythm method (move!)",and "Anne Braden". They also have another album, Survival Story, which is also very good.

Endgame by Rise Against (Musical group)Rise Against

A band I like that is similar to Flobots is Rise Against. The album Endgame is excellent. They are a political band and they often talk about war, hurricane Katrina, and other tragic events in the world. They are really good with their words and very good at expressing how they feel and what their views are on the world. Songs recommended: "Midnight hands", "Survivor guilt", "Broken mirrors", and "Endgame".

Other Recommended Rise Against Albums

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Teesh F., EPA intern, will be writing more reviews on music. When she finds something good.

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