LINK+ Frequently Asked Questions

What is LINK+?

LINK+ is a combined catalog of books from participating public and academic libraries throughout California and Nevada. Members of the LINK+ consortium utilize a single searchable catalog to seamlessly borrow books from each other.

What can I request from LINK+?

Patrons may request items that are not in the Online Catalog. Currently, San Mateo County Library patrons may only borrow print (not audiovisual) items through LINK+. Also, the item must be listed as "available" in the LINK+ Catalog to be requested. Note that some items appear in the LINK+ catalog but are listed as unavailable or checked out. These items cannot be borrowed. When you place a request for an item on LINK+, it is counted as a library hold. You may only have a total of 20 holds at any given time.

How can I place a LINK+ hold?

From the Online Catalog just click on the "Search LINK+" link under the search bar in the search results page (only when logged in). You may also click on the "Search LINK+" link found in the "YOUR SEARCH" box found on the right side navigation. Additionally, you can also search the LINK+ Catalog directly. Borrowers must have a current San Mateo County Library card in good standing. To apply for a San Mateo County Library card, click here. Once you have your San Mateo County Library card, follow the instructions below:

  • Locate your item in the LINK+ Catalog and make sure the status is “available.”
  • Click “Request this item.”
  • Choose San Mateo County Library from the institutions list.
  • Type your name and library barcode number at the prompt and choose your pickup location, then click "Submit".
  • The book will be sent from the owning library for pickup at your chosen San Mateo County Library location.
How long will it take to get the item?
Items usually arrive within 6 days.
How do I know my LINK+ item has arrived and how long will the library keep it?

You will be notified via email when your LINK+ item has arrived. You can also log in to your eBranch account to view your holds. The library will hold the LINK+ items for 10 days. If not picked up by then, the item will be returned to the lending library.

How many LINK+ items can I borrow at one time?

Borrowers are limited to 20 LINK+ items at one time. Each LINK+ transaction counts as a hold. Users may have up to 20 holds on their account at any one time.

How do I pick up my LINK+ item and where can I return it?

LINK+ items are held at the Customer Service Desk of the San Mateo County Library branch you selected as a pickup location. A staff member will check out the LINK+ item for you. When you are done with the LINK+ item, it must be returned to the Customer Service Desk at your original pickup location.

How can I cancel my LINK+ hold?

You may cancel a LINK+ hold by logging in to your eBranch account. Please note, if the item is In Transit or Received, the request may not be cancelled.

How long can I borrow a LINK+ item and how many times can I renew it?
The loan period is 21 days with one renewal (for an additional 21 days). You can renew items by logging in to your eBranch account or by asking a San Mateo County Library staff member. Renewal must be done within 3 days of the due date.
How much are overdue fines?

Fines are $1.00 per item per day. The replacement cost for a lost or damaged LINK+ item is $115.00. Please note: If an item is lost, there is a $115 replacement charge payable to the lending library. Some libraries may accept a replacement copy or list price of the lost item. Contact any branch of the San Mateo County Library for more information.

Will LINK+ affect the Inter-Library Loan (ILL) process?

San Mateo County Libraries will no longer provide Inter-Library Loan services to library cardholders. However, there are several libraries in the Peninsula Library System (PLS) that continue to offer this service. A list of PLS libraries that offer ILL services can be found here.