Homebound Patrons


Our Homebound Delivery Service seeks to provide library materials to San Mateo County residents of any age who are unable to visit their local library. Library staff selects books and other materials according to the preferences of the homebound library users. Trained volunteers visit homebound residents to deliver or pick up library materials.


  • San Mateo County Library patron
  • Permanent disabilities that prevent an individual from visiting the library.
  • Temporary physical limitation that prevents an individual from visiting the library and which will last more than six weeks.
  • Severe mobility problems that prevent an individual from visiting the library.


  • Library staff will select materials to meet the needs and interests of homebound patron as determined by the submitted application. With the patron’s permission, a list of borrowed materials will be kept to avoid duplication of titles.
  • A delivery volunteer will deliver materials to the patron.
  • A delivery volunteer will return borrowed materials to the library for the homebound patron.
  • All hold fees and overdue fines will be waived. Patron will be responsible for replacing lost or stolen items.


To apply for Homebound Delivery, submit the Homebound Patron Application [link to form].

Program Volunteers

The San Mateo County Library is looking for people who are willing to donate 2-4 hours a month on a regular basis to deliver materials to homebound patrons in their community.

Volunteers will serve as a link between the Library and a homebound patron. Library staff will select materials for the patron and volunteers will deliver materials to homebound patrons on a prearranged mutually agreeable schedule.

To qualify to be a volunteer you must be physically able to deliver library materials, possess a valid California State driver’s license, have a Live Scan, sign a release of liability, have proof of current auto insurance and attend a 1 hour training at the Library.

If you would like to volunteer for the Homebound Delivery program, please submit a Volunteer Application [link to form].



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