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NOTE: FindIt! is a pilot project. We want to make sure our patrons like it before fully committing to it. Therefore the "classic catalog" will continue to be available at catalog.plsinfo.orgFindIt! can be found at Please ignore the introduction to each video that instructs you to go to Instead, you can access FindIt! from the first menu option on the top left of each page.


This video will give you an overview of FindIt!. You will learn how to perform and narrow searches, place holds, renew items and explore the library collection.

Printable QuickStart Guides (pdf)

Account Information

What's Changed?

Your My Account information can now be found under My SMCL. The My Borrowing section lists all of your current borrowing activity. From here you can:

  • Renew checked out items.
  • Freeze holds (now called Suspend).
  • Check Account Messages.

Account information can be updated on the Settings page. To change your phone number or to set-up email or phone notifications you now need to contact the library.

The Saved Searches feature allows you to edit and manage your searches.

Instead of My Bookbag, you can now easily add items to your For Later Shelf. These items are saved there permanently and are easily moved to other shelves (e.g. In Progress). Learn more.

What's New?

When you register for the FindIt! you can personalize your experience. This includes:

  • A new easy-to-remember username for logging in and identifying your contributions.
  • Selecting your relevant interest group(s) (e.g. Teacher, Genealogist etc.), which will soon be used to provide you with custom recommendations.
  • Select your Preferred Branches under Settings, to make it easier to see what's available at your branch and to pre-populate your hold pick-up location.
  • A personal landing page that provides an overview of your borrowing (Checked Out, Overdue, Available Holds), up-to-date information about what others have shared, and what is available from your For Later Shelf.


What's Changed?

Access Author and Subject authority records while you search. The autosuggest tool provides 'See' and 'See also' references right where you need them.

What's New?

A better search makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for:

A smarter keyword search and new limiters allow you to narrow and broaden your search on-the-fly. As well as the standard format, language and publication limiters, you can now narrow results by what's available at your branch, date acquired, author, content type and more. Learn more.

The new Advanced Search form and Boolean editor allow you to build complex custom searches. Check out Advanced Search Tips.

New Explore Options

What's New?

The New Titles carousel highlights the library's newest additions allowing you to easily explore what's just arrived.

The Awards and Bestsellers pages provide lists of the most highly acclaimed works to explore. See what's new on the New York Times Bestseller List  and the San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller list right from the catalog.

Get new ideas of what to borrow by Following other users to get updates of what they have Recently Shared. Learn more.

New Sharing and Organizing Options

What's New?

You can now share your knowledge with the library community by adding ratings, comments, tags and more. Search for your favorite book and look at the Community Activity section of the book's information page to see what others think of it. Or create a List on any topic to share with others in the library community. Learn more about adding content or creating lists.

What do you like about the library and its services? What improvements would you like to see made? Use the new feedback form to speak directly to us. Once logged in, it's at the bottom of every page.

Your new Shelves (Completed, In Progress, For Later) allow you to keep track of everything you've read, watched or listen to. Add comments and ratings to record or share what you thought of the title. You can even promote your shelf on Facebook or Twitter. Learn more.


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